Friday, July 18, 2008

Otherwise uninteresting

What is more sad: Setting an alarm clock for noon, or knowing that if one doesn't set an alarm clock for noon, one will sleep far beyond that?

Monday, July 14, 2008

More mirrors facing mirrors

I just read this NYTimes article about staying overnight in airport terminals while I amRIGHTTHISVERYMINUTE staying overnight in an airport terminal!  Will the vortextual rabbit hole of mirrors facing other mirrors never end?!

Today we are in Madrid, dear readers, as a result of a series of ill-planned flights that have also been delayed; however, the reason for being stuck in Madrid-Barrrrajas is actually entirely due to the poor planning, not the delays, though they are real (rule 1: never lie about delays).  Here are some fun facts, in direct order of level of fun:
  • The past 6 flights in a row I have taken have all been delayed.
  • These past 6 flights have all been international*
  • The article I cite above about terminals is not particularly useful or interesting**
*incorrect: this fact is not fun.
**This fact is also not fun, but it is useful and interesting.  Hopefully you read it before you clicked on that link I provided.  Or at least if you clicked the link first, hopefully you tabbed on back to this before reading that article in its entirety.***

***If you did read that link in its entirety, you probably also saw this link, which is still not useful or interesting enough to really be called useful or interesting, but I will allow that it's worth a moment's perusing.****

****But then again, if you didn't read the first link all the way through (as well you shouldn't have), you wouldn't have gotten to that link.  Thus, dear reader, I pasted it here (above) for you.*****

*****Then again, had you read the first link in its entirety, you would have gotten to the second link on your own, which you would still be reading RIGHTTHISVERYMINUTE, and, by that account, you would not be reading this.******

******But if you did read the first link and now you are reading this, then that means that RIGHTTHISVERYMINUTE you are reading about yourself reading about yourself.*******

*******Relatedly, there are announcements in this terminal announcing that there will be no announcements.

Can you even handle it?!?!