Saturday, November 8, 2008


I just read something on THE INTERNET where someone argued that the fact that people in the Middle East are happy about Obama's victory is reason to be suspicious of Obama.  Now, your Fearless Leader is no conspiracy theorist, but aren't there millions of books about the connection between the Bush family and Saudi Arabia?  The evidence that we only see what we want to see never stops piling up.  

(Ten points to anyone who can find the mirror-facing-mirror in the previous sentence.)

Aside: Boy, are we lucky the Internet was named something cool!  Imagine if we were constantly referencing the Pancake instead.

Back to the point: It is troubling and interesting (in that order) that many Americans take issue with the fact that our so-called enemies have congratulated our new President.  Sure, if others were happy about a tragedy here, that's one thing.  But right now, for the first time in as long as I've been a voter, people are agreeing with the choice Americans have made.  Now, the following is not WORLD POLITICS CONFIRMED, but come now: isn't a good way to not fight with other people to ... not fight with other people?

Aside: Splitting infinitives; beginning sentences with conjunctions; overusing the semicolon; underusing conjunctions in lists ... are all apparently acceptable if you believe in Emergent Grammar.  (!!)  

(The fact that Noam Chomsky is as influential a thinker as he is and is a linguistics scholar is evidence that either (a) linguistics is a more important focus of study than we realize, or (b) it doesn't matter what we study, as long as we study something at all.

Finally, dear readers, I leave you with the following:
  1. If you can't handle wondering what affects what gets elected to your consciousness (oh, bless you, Nick Ellis), wonder about this: Why Is Everything Still Pasteurized in This g.d. Country?
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  3. What if there were a way to use hyperlinks in speech?
  4. )